Gringa [or close enough] in Guatemala

Flowers and change.
September 4, 2009, 8:34 pm
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See those flowers?

Given to me. On the bus. By a stranger. For holding her bags for her (crowded bus, i was seated, she was standing).

I don´t know if it ever would have occurred to me to give flowers to a stranger.

But then I thought, why don´t we do things like that more often?

She only had a little bocquet, wrapped in newspaper, and she took half of the precious things out and gave them to me.

She didn´t know how down I was feeling on the bus.

That I was wrestling with the fact that life always seems to turn out so differently than I plan. That I had just managed to eat my first meal in a week and still felt sick from it. That I had just been reminded (rather strongly) by my doctor, parents, volunteer coordinators and friends that health has to come first. That I was dealing with the disappointment of having to wrap up my Guatemalan adventure in just a short couple of weeks to return home 4 months early. That I was trying to figure out how on earth I would say goodbye to those beautiful girls.

Flowers. A small reminder that even when we don´t understand, when life takes unexpected twists and turns, there is still beauty to be found and love to be shared.

If you get the chance, why not give something nice to a stranger today. You don´t know what they might be dealing with.

These last minute changes shouldn’t be looked at as bad things. They should be embraced as learning opportunities. -Graham Brenna

(Yes, I am coming home soon. But no, it´s not over. The children living on the streets of Latin America have captured my heart and primero Dios, I will be back…)


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Hi Gem dear,we are sorry to hear that your work there is comming to an untimelty end but very happy to hear your are on your way home and sooooon. look forward to seeing you
lots of love

Comment by BA & PA

[…] care for Adam, a severely disabled man Or Mindfulness – the art of conscious living. Or how a stranger gave me flowers in Guate just when I needed them Or ask me about the most incredible, resilient girls I once lived with in Guatemala… xoxo. […]

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